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Why we use dope dye

Aug. 18, 2021

Social Situations


● Environment pollution

● Water waste and contamination

● Chemical usage and discharge

● Energy consumption

Why we use dope dye

Dope dye

Piece dye

● Between 4 liters and 15 liters of water per kilogram of fiber

● High chemical usage during dyeing and separate treatment before water is discharge

● Significant energy consumption for high- temperature process

● Multiple steps to produce colored fiber

This is Why Develop Dope Dye

Why we use dope dye

What can we do

Recycling Waste and Dope Dyeing Projects

● Produced 1000kgs recycled polyester

● Using about 55,000 recycled plastic polyester bottles

● Save 2,242 kg of oil (=685*3.273)

● Reduced dye usage by 150kgs

● Reduced Water consumption by 100,000kgs

● Reduced Power consumption by 11,000KVS

Why we use dope dye

Waste Source

Why we use dope dye

Components Rate

1. 80% post-consumer recycled polyester & 20% pre- consumer recycled polyester
2. 100% post-consumer recycled polyester
3. 98% post-consumer recycled polyester & 2% master batch polyester -- light color
4. 95% post-consumer recycled polyester & 5% master batch polyester -- middle color
5. 92% post-consumer recycled polyester & 8% master batch polyester -- dark color

Processes of Flakes

Why we use dope dye

Processes of fiber

Why we use dope dye

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